Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



Using SEO your site will pop up to higher places in search. We optimize the site for keywords that are important to your business and to meet your goals.


The basis of well-done SEO. On-page factors are properties that affect how well a webpage is ranked in search results. The most important on-page factor of any website is its content.

Other on-page factors are: semantic processing of this content using HTML tags, page title, page description, URL, headings, image descriptions, and everything directly associated with the selected page.

On-Page SEO
Structured data


By inserting explanatory code into the pages, we tell search engines the purpose of each page and help them understand their content. In your search results, your site may appear with other descriptive information (so-called Rich Snippets), such as price and product rating, number of comments, information about your business such as contact, opening hours, description, etc.


We will take care of suitable selection of images and their subsequent optimization for search engines. The image must be saved with a meaningful name and must contain a suitable so-called “alt tag”, ie a word description of the image for search engine and blind users.

Of course we will optimize the image to the smallest possible size without compromising quality and converting it into modern formats such as SVG and WebP, that will reduce the size even further. These formats are also directly supported by search engines like Google.

Image optimization
Google Services


We will help you set up Google services and connect them to the website.

Google Search Console will bring you basic analytics data about your traffic and alert you if there is an error on your site.

Google Analytics shows advanced analytics data about customer structure and how they behave on your site. Based on this data, we can further edit the site and help meet your goals.

When you create a Google My Business profile, your business description, contact, logo, location, and photos will appear on the right side of the screen when you search for your business.