Online marketing



Online marketing is a set of activities on the Internet to promote your business to customers. SEO is one of the methods of online marketing, but with it you won’t grow a potential audience. PPC marketing, social network marketing, e-mail marketing and others are used to enlarge the audience.

Online campaign phase

Step 1


begins with setting campaign goals

Step 2


then gather a relevant data

Step 3


when the data is collected it must be checked

Step 4


finally, according to the gathered information, the procedure is adjusted


PPC (Pay Per Click) is a pay-per-click advertising. As an advertiser, you pay for a user clicking on your ad and clicking through to a specific location on your site.

Advertising on Google is created using the Google Ads tool, for Seznam search engine it is Sklik. We use these tools to create a custom campaigns for you and optimize them for your target audience.

Search engine page results with paid ads


A social networking campaign is an ideal opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers. We will focus your ad on a group of people interested in topics common to your project. However, it is important to choose which social medias you will contribute to. You will reach a slightly different audience on Facebook than on Twitter or Instagram. It also depends on whether you want to communicate with the audience, for example, using short messages or pictures.


Do you want to tell customers who bought something from you that you have a new product or service? That you have a new store or that you started supporting a new payment method? E-mail marketing is the ideal way to do this. We will build a database of contacts where you can send news about your company or incentives to buy interesting products.

We apply e-mail remarketing to customers who have reached the shopping cart but who have not purchased for some reason. We’ll send them a personalized call-to-action to buy the product they put in their cart.

Email marketing